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Zion 63" Flared Arm Loveseat Fabric: Unforgettable Baltic, Leg Color: Plantation

at Wayfair
Unforgettable BalticPlantation
Unforgettable BalticStone
Moolah 130121Plantation
Bromance 141578Plantation
Gray GreyPlantation
Oatmeal BeigePlantation
Granbury IvoryPlantation
Common Sense TweedPlantation
Granbury FlaxPlantation
Thayer SablePlantation
Slate GrayPlantation
New ClassiquesMoolah 130121
StoneMoolah 130121
Gray GreyMahogany
Coconut SprayMahogany
Darling LicoriceMahogany
Oatmeal BeigeMahogany
Coconut MapleMahogany
Common Sense TweedMahogany
Granbury SlateMahogany
Capital Gains GravelMahogany
CobblestoneZuri Pewter
CobblestoneBromance 141578
Gray GreyNew Classiques
New ClassiquesBlueGreen Blue
New ClassiquesCoconut Spray
New ClassiquesFlax Beige
New ClassiquesGranbury Flax
New ClassiquesCommon Sense Toast
Granbury SlateNew Classiques
New ClassiquesCapital Gains Gravel
Common Sense DuskStone
Gray GreyCobblestone
CobblestoneFlint Nature
StoneFlint Nature
CobblestoneFlax Beige
CobblestoneCoconut Maple
Common Sense TweedCobblestone
CobblestoneCommon Sense Toast
Thayer SableCobblestone
Bromance 141564Cobblestone
StoneBlueGreen Blue
StoneFlax Beige
StoneDarling Licorice
Granbury IvoryStone
Common Sense TweedStone
StoneCapital Gains Heather
StoneCommon Sense Toast
Thayer SableStone
StoneSlate Gray
StoneCapital Gains Gravel
The stationary loveseat is offered in hundreds of leather options. Additional finish options available at no additional cost. Bradington-Young Fabric: Unforgettable Baltic, Leg Color: Plantation