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SV 400 Sous Vide Stick Cooker With Timer Function

at Saks Fifth Avenue
CASO Design specializes in unique, innovative products that exceed expectations with German design and engineering. Caso's Sous Vide Stick gives you healthier, better-tasting meals enabling your foods to retain all of their unique tastes, vitamins, and minerals. Sous Vide, which means under vacuum in French, is the process of vacuum-sealing food in a bag then cooking it to a precise temperature in a water bath. This process produces results that are impossible to achieve through any other cooking method! Pair our Sous Vide Stick with one of our vacuum sealers (sold separately) and get cooking healthier, juicier, tastier meals. Water-resistant appliance designed for Sous Vide cooking for perfect meals every time - never overcooked Compatible with Caso vacuum sealers, rolls, and bags - SOLD SEPARATELY (VC 10, VC 100, VC 200, VC 300, VC 350) No burner or stovetop needed - Place heat resistant pot of water on heat resistant surface near an electrical outlet Completely safe and waterproof by IPX7 standard Heats up to 5 gallons of water precisely to set temperature Temperature settings range from 77 to 194 degrees Fahrenheit Maintains set temperature via water circulation 800-watt motor for rapid heating of the water bath Practical handle attaches easily to any size pot Easy to read electronic touch control panel Can be programmed up to 99 hours Stainless steel Imported SPECIFICATIONS 4.53"W x 12.24"H x 2.8"D. Style Code: 0400013165878