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Crabill 25.25" Armchair Fabric: Avocado Polyester Blend

at Wayfair
Avocado Polyester BlendBlack Polyester
Avocado Polyester BlendNatural Polyeste
Avocado Polyester BlendWalnut Polyester
Black Polyester BlendCinder Gray Polyes
Heathered Slate Polyester BlendBlack Po
Black Polyester BlendHeathered Taupe Po
Black Polyester BlendPoppy Orange Polye
Black Polyester BlendSeashell Polyester
Cinder Gray Polyester BlendNatural Poly
Cinder Gray Polyester BlendWalnut Polye
Heathered Slate Polyester BlendNatural
Heathered Slate Polyester BlendWalnut P
Natural Polyester BlendHeathered Taupe
Walnut Polyester BlendHeathered Taupe P
Natural Polyester BlendPoppy Orange Pol
Natural Polyester BlendSeashell Polyest
Walnut Polyester BlendPoppy Orange Poly
Walnut Polyester BlendSeashell Polyeste
Size 35"h X 34"w X 30"d
This Crabill Pebble Weave Armchair offers the perfect blend of comfort and style. Its simple silhouette exudes modern elegance with a hint of mid-century flair. Its sleek and minimal design from all angles allows for flexible placemaking in any space while offering ample real estate to lounge comfortably. The multi-layered cushions are custom-tailored to provide ample support for a long-term relationship and create a comforting oasis of repose. All cushion covers are equipped with hidden zippers for easy removal and cleaning. Corrigan Studio® Fabric: Avocado Polyester Blend