Esaie Manual Recliner

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Size 39"h X 35"w X 37"d

Well designed manual recliners with overstuffed headrest, armrests as well as padded cushion render you a wonderful seating experience. A secure and warm "Harbour" helps drive away stress, tiredness, and let you own better life quality. Nice gift choice for yourself or whoever you care about. With a simple lever, you can easily make the chair stretch and go down to an ideal angle, in which you may have a better rest. And by holding the armrests and leaning backward, the recliner is able to go to the second position which is perfect for having a nap. The footrest pops out after the lever is pulled out and retracts completely after being kicked with heels It can be a common chair for reading, playing mobile phone, or watching TV. Also, it provides you a convenient and comfortable place to meditate or sleep. This practical and nice-look recliner will greatly upgrade your living room, bedroom & study. Red Barrel Studio®