Wonderwall 35" Wide Power Standard Recliner Motion Type: Rocker

Size Small Size Recliner (<38" Wide) Small Size Recliner (<38" Wide)

The product exudes bold confidence and is the perfect canvas to frame decorative fabrics or supple leathers. With their expansive solid backs and pad-over-chaise seating are perfect for large or small patterns. Showcase additional splashes of color or correlate fabric designs on the toss pillows with hundreds of options to choose from. Wonder wall has an understated elegance that starts with the ever so slightly curved back arms. These arms, called mailbox arms by some, have inset upholstered panels that relate well to the uniquely shaped wings. All these soft design elements combine in a bold statement of a classical silhouette brimming with comfort that will be enjoyed for years to come. Southern Motion Motion Type: Rocker