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Allen Edmonds
Men's Kenilworth Lace-Up

$218–425 $281–425
Size 7 D Us 7.5 D Us 9 D Us 9.5 3e Us 10 D Us 10.5 D Us 11 3e Us 11 D Us 12 D Us 13 D Us
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Those are the words of Leonardo da Vinci, who brought that sensibility to all of his artistic endeavors, including the many footwear prototypes he sketched out. In creating the Kenilworth, Allen Edmonds was inspired by this Italian’s artistic notion and married it with a uniquely American design. The result? A shoe that is at once aesthetically pleasing while also being inherently straightforward. Impressive in its stunning lack of adornment, this three-eyelet plain-toe blucher with a single oak leather sole is the essence of refinement. Built on the 5-Last to achieve a long and narrow silhouette, the Kenilworth is class personified and the ultimate footwear to match with a tuxedo or formal business attire. Finished off with a burnished toe and intricately beveled sole, this is a design an Old Master would be proud to wear.