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Men's Slim-Fit Flat-Front Dress Pants

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Size 36w X 31l 32w X 33l 31w X 30l 30w X 30l 30w X 34l 29w X 30l 38w X 28l 34w X 31l 38w X 30l 36w X 29l 38w X 29l 40w X 30l 32w X 32l 29w X 32l 34w X 34l 36w X 33l 32w X 31l 35w X 30l 34w X 30l 32w X 34l 34w X 33l 36w X 32l 33w X 30l 35w X 32l 30w X 32l 34w X 29l 30w X 29l 34w X 32l 35w X 29l 28w X 28l 42w X 30l 40w X 28l 42w X 29l 36w X 28l 31w X 32l 28w X 32l 28w X 30l 42w X 32l 31w X 29l 35w X 34l 32w X 30l 40w X 29l 36w X 34l 42w X 28l 31w X 34l 33w X 32l 38w X 34l 32w X 29l 36w X 30l 30w X 28l 40w X 32l 33w X 29l 32w X 28l 38w X 32l 42w X 34l 40w X 34l 33w X 34l 29w X 34l
An Amazon brand - These must-have dress pants feature a slim-fit cut and flat-front style for a wear-to-work look that can't miss