Men's Flashpoint II Leather Work Boots 18102 - 11 2E US

$284–400 $363–400
Size 6 D Us 7.5 D Us 8 Ee Us 8 D Us 8.5 D Us 8.5 Ee Us 9 Ee Us 9 D Us 9.5 Ee Us 9.5 D Us 10 Ee Us 10 D Us 10.5 D Us 10.5 Ee Us 11 Ee Us 11 D Us 11.5 Ee Us 11.5 D Us 12 Ee Us 12 D Us 13 Ee Us 13 D Us 15 D Us
Heel Height: Approx. 10'' Tall. We wanted to give wildland firefighters and smokejumpers the toughest, safest, most comfortable boot that human hands could build. To make it happen, we used Vibram Fire Logger outsoles, special Nomex stitching, and fire-retardant leather. We put these pieces together in a boot that was designed for exceptional comfort, fit, and durability. Fire, puncture, and water-resistant 8 oz leather is the most rugged, toughest leather we've ever put on a boot.