logo Sylvie canvas espadrille

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Sylvie stripe canvas
Size 7 = 7.5 Us 8 = 8.5 Us 8.5 = 9 Us 9 = 9.5 Us
Originally influenced by the flowing dresses of Indian dancers, the baiadera fabric is brought back from the House's archives and reinterpreted with the Sylive Web colors of white, blue and red. Embodying the marine feel explored throughout the collection, the striped linen canvas is displayed on the espadrille and paired with the '80s-inspired Gucci vintage logo.
  • Sylvie baiadera linen canvas with a washed effect
  • Men's
  • Gucci vintage logo
  • Hibiscus red leather trim
  • Leather heel with printed gold bee
  • Cord platform
  • .2" height
  • Materials made in Italy. Shoe constructed in Spain