stripe strap sandal

Gucci stripe
Size 10 = 10.5 Us 11 = 11.5 Us 12 = 12.5 Us
A colorful mix created by the combination of the House's distinctive stripe details characterizes this strap sandal, presented for the Pre-Fall 2018 collection. Originally influenced by tape logos running down the sides of '80s tracksuits, the Gucci jacquard stripe is featured on the front straps, matching with the classic green and red Web. Blue, white and red stripes recalling the Sylvie Web enhance the rubber sole and the back velcro strap.
  • Gucci jacquard stripe strap
  • Green and red Web strap
  • Sylvie Web velcro strap closure
  • Green leather trim
  • Sylvie Web rubber platform
  • 1.5" height
  • Made in Italy