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Chain No.1 Black Buffalo Horn & Rhodium-plated Clasp

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A versatile piece of jewellery which can be worn in many different ways. The links are hand carved from domestic black water buffalo horn*, and it closes with a rhodium-plated clasp. Experiment with this piece and adapt it to your mood and outfit. The clasp can be hooked into any link of the chain, offering multiple variations. Buffalo horn* is lightweight and warm on the skin, of a beautiful deep black with a sheen on the surface. The chain shows the subtle irregularities of a handcrafted piece. The clasp is hand made of solid brass and plated with silver and a rhodium top coat. Rhodium is a precious metal from the platinum family, it has a brighter shine and is harder than platinum. *domesticated water buffalo are precious farm animals across Asia, and a buffalo would never be killed for its horn. It is harvested as a 'byproduct' after the animal's death and used as a purely decorative item (unlike the horn from wild and threatened species like rhinos, which is illegal to trade and driving them to extinction because of the myths of medical benefits attached to it). The chain links are carved from solid horn, so every second link has been cut on one narrow side and reclosed in order to assemble the chain. This is almost invisible, you can see it on some of the images when zooming in. The horn is extremely sturdy and almost unbreakable, in case of strain a link may reopen slightly " very easy to put back together with a tiny drop of glue. wipe clean with damp cloth