Arlette Ess
Chain No.2 Horn & English Bridle Leather

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Oversized statement jewellery which can be worn in a variety of ways. The piece combines the fascinating and beautifully coloured natural horn* with a deep black bridle strap. This large statement piece looks stunning on dark or monochrome clothing. It can be worn in different ways, the leather piece can be opened and the chain rearranged. It can also work as a belt on a dress, the length is fully adjustable. The individual links measure about 8cm by 5cm, the natural colours of this variety of horn range from translucent honey to opaque white. No need to say that every link and every chain is unique, but they all have the full beautiful range of colours particular to this horn. The leather strap is hand-stitched by a bridlemaker in the UK with the finest English saddlery leather. *This horn is from a particular breed of cows, which are farm animals. They are not killed for their horn. Since the chain links are carved from solid horn, every second link has been cut on one narrow side and reclosed in order to assemble the chain. This is almost invisible, you can see it on some of the images when zooming in. The horn itself is extremely sturdy and almost unbreakable. wipe clean with damp cloth