Arlette Ess
Koi I Oversized Silk Chiffon Scarf

This scarf features nine Koi carp, printed onto sheer Italian silk chiffon. Koi carp and koi imagery are said to promote peace of mind and attract good luck and prosperity, and the large fish are prized and cherished pets in many parts of the world. 8 of the Koi on the scarf are red-and-white Kohaku, a classic breed and probably the most popular of all koi (some champion Kohaku are traded for millions of yen!). The 9th fish is black, this number and combination of koi is believed to be especially auspicious. When worn this scarf shows a striking pattern of grey, coral red and off white. The lightweight silk chiffon is ideal for transitional temperatures. This size can also be worn as a statement piece on a simple neutral dress. Made in Italy. Dry clean only. Can also be steamed to refresh and remove creases.