Arlette Ess
Koi II Square Scarf

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A colourful scarf featuring nine different Koi varieties, in the classic 90x90cm square format. Hand-rolled Italian silk crepe de chine. The scarf print is based on a monochrome indian ink drawing. The scarf print is based on a monochrome indian ink drawing. It is playing with the beliefs around Koi carp and Koi imagery, which are said to promote peace of mind and attract good luck and prosperity. The colours I added for the scarf design are the actual colours of the koi breeds. They are Sanke, Kigoi, Asagi, Tancho, Kumonryu, Matsuba, Utsuri, Goromo and Soragoi. For the scarf I chose 100% silk crepe de chine for its sophisticated matte texture with subtle sparkle. It has a satisfying weight and drapes beautifully, and the artwork shows exceptionally well on this fabric. Silk is a naturally sturdy material, and in this quality a scarf will last a lifetime. This size is very easy to wear and adds instant chic to a simple outfit. The 90x90cm format scarf is dubbed 'the shortest path to style' by Hermà ̈s, there are lots of ways to integrate it into your wardrobe, and a silk scarf never goes out of fashion. 100% silk crepe de chine of Italian origin. Dry clean. Silk is a protein fibre which naturally repels dirt and hardly takes on any smells, so the scarf doesn't need to be cleaned often. Steaming the scarf works wonders - it removes all creases and also 'desinfects' it (removing potential smells and killing microorganisms), and it usually ends up looking like fresh from the cleaners. For this you can use a garment steamer or simply hold it approximately 2ft / 70cm over a boiling kettle for a few seconds (don't scold yourself in the process :) If it needs a clean, dry cleaning is recommended (lukewarm water and mild shampoo or silk/wool detergent would not damage the print, but for the feel of the silk it's still better and safer to dry clean it).