Arlette Ess
Sleeping Dogs Oversized Monochrome Chiffon

Monochrome sheer oversized chiffon scarf featuring a variation of the Sleeping Dogs print. The print has an emphasis on texture and the dogs themselves are not prominent, when worn they disappear in layers of delicate line drawing. The chiffon silk is of Italian origin and very lightweight and transparent, and when layered the texture of the drawing intersects into an intricate pattern whilst the silk appears more opaque. Since the fabric has almost no bulk at all, it can also be worn as a skinny long scarf around the neck. Depending on the combination it has a rocknroll edge or adds understated elegance. The artwork is based on individual pen and ink drawings. It features all different dogs, a couple of labradors, a staffie, a weimaraner, a chihuahua, a ridgeback¦ and lots of mongrels. Some of the drawings are inspired by street dogs I photographed, others by friends pets. All the fur textures are a bit different but as a whole they form a unified pattern of dogs. 100% silk chiffon. Dry clean. Silk is a protein fibre which naturally repels dirt and hardly takes on any smells, so the scarf doesn't need to be cleaned often. Steaming the scarf works wonders - it removes all creases and also 'desinfects' it (removing potential smells and killing microorganisms), and it usually ends up looking like fresh from the cleaners. For this you can use a garment steamer or simply hold it approximately 2ft / 70cm over a boiling kettle for a few seconds (don't scold yourself in the process :) If it needs a clean, dry cleaning is recommended (lukewarm water and mild shampoo or silk/wool detergent would not damage the print, but for the feel of the silk it's still better and safer to dry clean it).