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Sleeping Dogs Rose Quartz

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Pink / Purple
Classic hand-finished 90x90cm square scarf on silk crepe de chine. The background of this scarf is a subtle dusty pink, the dogs contain very tones of blue and khaki green. The silk is made in Italy and of exceptional quality. The crepe de chine is matte with a subtle sparkle, has a satisfying weight and drapes beautifully. This size scarf is dubbed 'the shortest path to style' by Hermà ̈s, because it is very easy to wear and adds instant chic to a simple outfit. The Sleeping Dogs scarf is based on individual pen and ink drawings. It features all different dogs, a couple of labradors, a staffie, a weimaraner, a chihuahua, a ridgeback¦ and lots of mongrels. Some of the drawings are inspired by street dogs I photographed, others by friends pets. All the fur textures are a bit different but as a whole they form a unified pattern of dogs. 100% silk Dry clean. Silk is a protein fibre which naturally repels dirt and hardly takes on any smells, so the scarf doesn't need to be cleaned often. Steaming the scarf works wonders - it removes all creases and also 'desinfects' it (removing potential smells and killing microorganisms), and it usually ends up looking like fresh from the cleaners. For this you can use a garment steamer or simply hold it approximately 2ft / 70cm over a boiling kettle for a few seconds (don't scold yourself in the process :) If it needs a clean, dry cleaning is recommended (lukewarm water and mild shampoo or silk/wool detergent would not damage the print, but for the feel of the silk or wool it's still better and safer to dry clean it).