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Women's Age Control Superior Decollete

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Promotes skin elasticity and firmness using a Nano-ComplexTM of lipoproteins, nucleic acids, enzymes, and olygopeptides; reduces sagginess through a Nano-ComplexTM of natural proteoglycans and specific lipoproteins A Nano-complex of Skin Barrier System and Essential Lipids actively helps to hydrate and moisture the skin; a Nano-ComplexTM of natural antioxidants, bioflavonoids, and water soluble vitamins and their coenzymes helps to reduce skin redness and erythema; a UV Chromophores NANO-COMPEXTM enhances skin natural ability to resist the Sun harmful radiation that contributes to premature aging and skin damage. Contains naturally existing in a human body UV Chromophores - nucleic acids, amino acids and melanin. With a continued use twice a day, the product gives the skin healthy, glowing look. To increase the absorption and efficacy is better to use with the Normal /Dry Activator. 2oz