Beauty N5 Parfum Purse Spray Refillable

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Size 0.25 Fl. Oz. Refill 0.25 Fl. Oz.
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The most precious, long-lasting form of the now and forever fragrance comes in a chic, refillable purse spray you can take with you anywhere.This sleek black lacquer refillable spray is a modern version of the original N5 purse spray, and goes anywhere in a flacon every bit as elegant and sophisticated as the fragrance itself and as the woman who wears it.To refill, twist open to expose the atomizer. Pull up on the atomizer top to remove the empty fragrance canister. Slide a new canister into the case and twist down the top to close. Composition Top notes of Neroli from Grasse blend into the sensual, floral notes of two exceptional raw materials: May Rose and Jasmine from Grasse. Aldehydes provide airy freshness and lend an abstract effect to the fragrance. ART OF PERFUMING The Parfum comes in a spray for a delicate and feminine application. Gabrielle Chanels advice was to apply it wherever you would like to be kissed. Neck, wrist, décolleté To revive the notes of the fragrance throughout the day, the refillable spray slips easily into your purse for on-the-go use.