You People Of Lovers

at Wolf & Badger
Church Of Lovers
Style Notes Run wild and free in the CHURCH OF LOVERS. This jacket is for the free spirited, wild hearted, and passionate lovers. Based on the euphoric feeling of escapism with visions of wild horses from the old country westerns, this piece creates an icon with every wear - Eat your heart out Clint Eastwood! Made entirely from recycled denim this is one of our hero pieces that remind us how lucky we are to create so much more then just a product. Care & Info Don't wash away all the memories. All our jackets are handmade with passion so we strongly advise you let the garment live and ware naturally. However, our OG Jackets can be freshened up by hand washing cold water and drying flat. As for all our other embellished and customised jackets we strongly request you do not wash the garments. Original components will not return to their original state, such as feathers, paint and fur. Our suggestion is to lightly sponge key areas with cold water and detergent if absolutely necessary. Should damage occur to your YOU PEOPLE piece, we are more than happy to offer you specific advice and possibly a 'touch of love' to revive your piece. You can contact the team via our contact page or by emailing Sizing (Model wears L Fitted) Meet The Designer YOU PEOPLE is a detachable denim jacket brand created in London by Emmy Dayal. The core of YOU PEOPLE is built in the power of variety and personal representation. By elevating the denim jacket into a detachable contemporary product, YOU PEOPLE allows the wearer to interchange the vest, collar & sleeves. Mixing and matching a variety of handmade designs, applications and customisations depending on their mood, trend, style or occasion. All YOUPEOPLE Jackets are; Entirely handmade with passion. Have discreet zips to detach the collar and sleeves. Are designed from a unique story or concept. Support a charitable cause or awareness initiative. Are limited to 5 pieces per style. Originate from 100% denim