'Cate' Underwire Bra

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Size 44h (8d Us) 44gg (7d Us) 42k (12d Us) 44g (6d Us) 46hh (9d Us) 40j (10d Us) 42h (8d Us) 42ff (5d Us) 40hh (9d Us) 42gg (7d Us) 42f (4d Us) 36h (8d Us) 36gg (7d Us) 34gg (7d Us) 38h (8d Us) 38ff (5d Us) 38g (6d Us) 40ff (5d Us) 38f (4d Us) 36hh (9d Us) 40f (4d Us) 40h (8d Us) 36jj (11d Us) 36j (10d Us) 40gg (7d Us) 38hh (9d Us) 46dd 46gg (7d Us) 46g (6d Us) 46h (8d Us) 46e (ddd Us) 46ff (5d Us) 44ff (5d Us) 44f (4d Us) 44dd 46f (4d Us) 44hh (9d Us) 42e (ddd Us) 40k (12d Us) 40dd 40jj (11d Us) 44e (ddd Us) 42dd 42jj (11d Us) 42j (10d Us) 36f (4d Us) 36g (6d Us) 42hh (9d Us) 36e (ddd Us) 42g (6d Us) 36ff (5d Us) 34h (8d Us) 40e (ddd Us) 34hh (9d Us) 34g (6d Us) 38jj (11d Us) 38dd 38j (10d Us) 38k (12d Us) 38gg (7d Us) 38e (ddd Us) 36k (12d Us) 40g (6d Us) 34e (ddd Us) 34ff (5d Us) 34f (4d Us) 34k (12d Us) 34j (10d Us) 34jj (11d Us)
Sumptuous satin and scrolling details elevate the aesthetics of this underwire bra with supportive cups that provide beautiful full-figure lift. Style Name:Elomi 'Cate' Underwire Bra (Plus Size). Style Number: 1185821. Available in stores.