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Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Facial Massager
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Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Facial Massager

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What it is: A precisely crafted massage tool to help visibly re-energize skin, stimulate microcirculation and reawaken skin's youthful, healthy glow.What it does: This diamond-faceted massage roller transforms the everyday ritual of skin care application into an extraordinary moment of indulgence and self-care. Crafted from a cooling golden alloy, this massager is precisely angled to reach every contour of your face. How to use: Begin with cleansed skin. Massage your serum or cream onto skin, moving from the sides of your nose up and out to your temple, from your chin up and out to the temple and from between your brows, arching up to the forehead and out toward the temple. Then, using your massager, roll over each specific area where you applied your serum or cream three times, moving onto the next section without lifting the massager from your skin. During each movement, use pressure while rolling up and out, then almost no pressure as you glide back down. On the jawline, start with the rollers on your chin on either sides of your jawbone, then roll along the jawline up to the ear and glide back. Place the upper roller under your cheekbone, near the center of your face then roll across the soft part of your cheek to the ear and glide back. Use your fingertips to blend any remaining formula into skin. After each use, clean your massager with a tissue. For a deeper cleaning, use a damp cloth with alcohol-free soap. Avoid immersing the tool in water.