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L'Atelier Iris Harmonique/3.3 oz.

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Givenchy introduces the 10th fragrance of the L'Atelier collection, based on White Iris and composed of the complete range of 9 L'Atelier fragrances; it is the symbol of unity. White Iris Flower enhances these nine exceptional ingredients, to reveal an unexpected olfactory treasure that has never been experienced before. The alchemy of all these nuances gives the new fragrance a magnetic and addictive aura of mystery. Iris the Greek goddess of the rainbow, with its root meaning "iridescent", is a perfectsymbol for the color spectrum. Together, these colors give rise to white light. White Iris enhances the olfactory spectrum of L'Atelier de Givenchy. Top Notes- Neroli& soft Angelica essence Heart Notes - Exotic Ylang-Ylang, Immortelle Flower, Coconut Wood, sensual Amber and velvety Leather Base Notes - Smokey Gaiac Wood& warm Oud Wood. 3.3 oz. Made in France.