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Le Rouge Crocodile Leather Lipstick

Givenchy's Le Rouge Crocodile Leather Lipstick is a true collector's item that comes in a numbered case. Le Rouge is a semi-matte rich and creamy lipstick that coats the lips with radiant, lasting color with a single stroke. The lightweight, ultra-smooth, non-sticky texture glides on softly and contours the lips, beautifully. This unique lipstick combines the House Couture spirit with the most iconic shade of Le Rouge, the red Carmin Escarpin. The pigments of this bright red enhance all complexions and create a signature look. This is a symbol of sophistication, elegance, style and an emblem of French-style luxury. For anyone looking for a truly deluxe collector's item with a rich and creamy semi-matte lipstick in a classic color. The authentic crocodile leather sheath allows you to customize any Givenchy lipstick. How do I use it: Le Rouge is a must that transforms any look instantly. To apply, begin by defining the contours of the lips with a lip liner. Using your fingertip, gently blur the liner toward the inside of the lips, then fill with Le Rouge from the center, working outwards. From Givenchy. Includes: