Le Soin Noir& Blanc Huile Originelle/0.50 oz.

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Precious gem oils for the face. Global age-defying care. A precious concentrate of energetic life and radiance infused in the heart of sumptuous oils working together perfectly day and night to help revive the skin's overall balance, the first condition needed for optimal luminosity and revitalization. During the day, photo-balancing white oil restores the skin's protective balance for optimal luminosity. Sovereign Luminescent Algae Extract - a concentrate of blue micro-algae featuring protective properties* - helps the skin boost its own capacity for defense and revitalization, thereby aiding to diminish shadows and even out the complexion. At night, vitalizing black oil revives the skin's energy balance for global revitalization. The enriched Supreme Alliance of Life Algae helps revive the flow of energy to preserve its essential life forces so that signs of skin aging appear to be corrected. This precious concentrate of energetic life and radiance infuses the quintessence