Women's Le Soin Noir Léger

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A genuine miracle of skin beauty renewal, the latest creation by Givenchy Laboratories, Le Soin Noir Léger, offers all the vitalizing benefits of the Le Soin Noir line with a fresh and melting feel, ideal for combination skin and warm, humid climates. This gel-cream divinely melts into the skin to create a luminously transparent glow. Its fresh, delicate and melting feel, ideal for combination skin and warm, humid climates, heightens the sensation of pleasure and well-being. Your skin is enveloped in infinite lightness, brilliant with even more beauty every day. On application, the skin is infused with vitalizing and beautifying moisture to regain its velvety-soft texture and provide comfort. Day after day, it seems to find new sources of energy and beauty. Skin texture is visibly refined, wrinkles and fine lines appear smoothed. The complexion is more luminous and even, glowing with freshness and youth. The story of algae is as old as the ocean itself. For over three billion years, algae have survived and thrived in any sea or ocean, at any depth and in any climate, resisting even the most extreme conditions. After several years of research, Givenchy Laboratories have selected two exceptional algae for their resistance and their life force, isolating the quintessence of their blended black sap and golden sap to create the Supreme Alliance of Life Algae complex with vitalizing properties, giving the skin an infinite source of youthfulness. The signature complex diffuses its strength throughout this formula in a fusion so complete that matter and color become one, creating a fascinating, bold and shimmery black gem-like texture. Morning and evening, a delicate invitation to enjoy an exceptional experience: Take a black pearl-sized amount of this fine gel-cream into the palm of your hand Carry out the revitalizing application ritual designed to boost skin beauty renewal and enhance the sensation of well-being. 1.7 fl oz/50ml Givenchy Beauty Women's Le Soin Noir Léger A great designer gift. Shop Givenchy Beauty at Barneys New York.;Velvet