Roll-On Deodorant in Neutral

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Icelandic Moss Extract & Sage Complex

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Grown Alchemist Roll-On Deodorant in Neutral An aluminum-free formulation containing natural anti-bacterial actives that eliminate undesirable odor, ensuring optimum microbial balance.. KEY INGREDIENTS: Icelandic Moss Extract Polysaccharides soothe irritated skin, drawing on anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties to neutralize odors. Sage-Complex eliminates unwanted body odor through powerful anti-microbial properties. Glycyrrhizinic Acid, a potent compound found in Liquorice Extract, eliminates odorous bacteria while working as an anti-irritant agent, soothing and softening skin. Active compounds including Coumarins and Triglycerides from Tamanu Seed Oil provide noticeable anti-inflammatory benefits and potent anti-bacterial properties, ensuring optimum microbial skin balance. 1.69 fl oz/ 50 ml. HOW TO USE: Apply directly under each arm. For best results, apply to cleansed and dry skin. GWAC-UU13. GRA0330. About the designer: