Ina Kent
Mog8 Honeycomb Black & Black

at Wolf & Badger
The unlined bag for your essentials. The short strap can be pulled out of MOG8 and used in various ways. For example, it can build a loop so that the bag can be carried securely in ones hand. The optional long strap: the straps of MOONLIT6 also work with this model and are available separately. They make it possible to wear this little bag in a variety of ways: from a short strap over the shoulder to a long strap with the bag worn diagonally or even as a hip bag. Interior is unlined. With enough space for money, keys and smartphone. Leather is a natural product, every piece may be regarded as entirely unique. We only use scarcely treated, Italian cow leather. All types of these smooth leathers are high quality Aniline and Semi-Aniline leathers, which are characterized by their warm and soft feel. Because of the naturalness and purity, irregularities like scars, mosquito bites or slight scratches might remain on the surface. Due to the fact that leather is a natural product, coloring dye might be absorbed in different ways and intensities, which is why INA KENT bags may slightly vary in color. However, these characteristics are not failures or defects, but rather part of the design and individuality. Aniline Leather is dyed without covering the surface. Semi-Aniline Leather is dyed with just a slight pigmentation that does not cover grain patterns. These are high-quality leathers that only can be produced with the best row material. Before using your bag for the first time, we highly recommend to treat your bag with special leather care products. Please do not use any products containing fat. Those may block pores and lead to a darkening process of the leather. Avoid excessive sun exposure, since it may cause color fading on the surface. Please note that non-colorfast textiles, like denim, may rub off on the leather of your bag. Please don't use any soap or other chemical solvents to clean your bag.