Conditioner with Magnolia.

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Klorane Conditioner with Magnolia. Klorane Conditioner with Magnolia. Klorane's Conditioner with Magnolia nourishes the hair by sealing the cuticle and building a protective barrier along the hair shaft to protect against external aggressors. While chemical treatments, product build-up, climate change, and other factors cause the cuticle of the hair to raise, this formula smooths hair to prevent these damages.. Hair is left detangled, supple, hydrated, and incredibly shiny. Paraben-free and SLS-free. Vegan. 6.7 fl oz. Most suitable for dull hair. KLOR-WU48. C60376. KLORANE was founded on a passion for plants and nature. Since 1965, botanists, agronomists, and pharmacists have been observing and cultivating plants to extract original active ingredients for KLORANE products. Each plant is carefully selected based on the specific needs that its properties address. As explorers of the plant kingdom, formulators at KLORANE study every possible extract to discover its potential benefits. Through their products, KLORANE conveys its core brand values: authenticity, simplicity and safety. They continually strive to understand hair and its components, all while focusing on the benefits of natural ingredients.