Specifically designed brush to be used with Skin Caviar Loose Powder.Who it's For:Anyone looking for an expert tool to elevate and perfect their complexion.What it Does:Specifically designed to be used with Skin Caviar Loose Powder, this professionally designed brush has long, velvety bristles that are cropped at a subtly rounded angle to better caress the angles of the face. Crafted with the highest quality, most advanced synthetic bristles, they sweep delicately over skin with an unmatched softness.Applying Skin Caviar Loose Powder with the Loose Powder Brush makes for an easier application that is more precise and ensures your makeup will last longer.Care: Wet the bristles completely before lathering with a gentle soap or a cleanser designed especially for makeup brushes. Rinse thoroughly under cold running water until no traces of lather or makeup remain. Gently squeeze the bristles with fingertips to remove excess water and allow to airdry completely by placing the brushes flat on a cotton towel.How to Use:Using Skin Caviar Loose Powder with the Loose Powder Brush, apply to face in a swirling motion for a flawless look. Start at the forehead, work over the bridge of the nose, over each cheek, and finish with the chin, avoiding brows and blending at the


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