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La Prairie
Swiss Cellular White Intensive Illuminating Mask/Set of 6

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Lighten, brighten and calm. This comfortable, high-performance treatment mask is perfectly adapted to your skin to boost brightening and fight dark-spots. The Swiss Cellular White Intensive Illuminating Mask provides potent brightening benefits based on a powerful complex that reduces discoloration to lighten and even out skin tone. At the same time it is a luxurious, calming and skin-relaxing two-part mask that saturates the skin with moisture leaving it feeling smooth and nourished. .Application: Apply after cleansing and toning, weekly or as needed up to 3 times per week. Application recommendation: Step 1: Apply lower mask to the chin area. Step 2: Apply upper mask to the forehead area, ensuring that the upper part compltely covers the forehead and fits closely around the contours of your brow bone. Please make sure the upper mask overlaps the lower mask. Press with fingertips for perfect adherence. Leave it on for 10 minutes before removing. Gently massage remaining essence into skin. Then con