70's 645 Women's Jeans

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Denise's Pair - Dark Wash

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The Levi’s® Vintage Clothing Spring/Summer 2021 collection channels the aesthetic and energy of the generation that birthed modern rave culture: the 1980s Manchester acid house scene. With vintage graphics, looser fits and the bold colors that defined the bygone era, this collection transports you back to the '80s and onto the dance floor of the Haçienda, the iconic nightclub that served as epicenter of the Manchester music scene.vIn the '80s, club-goers seeking to set their style apart from the masses would search high and low for vintage flare styles. The ultimate score? Levi’s® 645TM flare jeans, which widen gradually for some (in)famously baggy style. As a tribute to their resourcefulness, we reproduced a pair of genuine '70s 645TM Orange Tab flare jeans, and cut them from pre-shrunk lightwash denim for an authentic look and feel. A replica of a pair of 645TM Orange Tab Jeans from the 1970s, which '80s club-goers would buy to stand out from the crowd Flares out gradually for a baggy cut Constructed with pre-shrunk lightwash denim Levi's® Orange Tab 100% cotton; Non-stretch denim; Zip fly; Imported; Sits at your waist