721 High Rise Skinny Jeans

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Indigo Luna
Glam Nights
Rise Up
Cast Shadows
Drawing Board
Celestial Glitz
Dust In The Wind
Blue Story
Rugged Indigo
Say Anything
Matter Of Fact
Soft Black
High Top Black
Meant To Be
Road Map
Washed Black
Lone Wolf
Follow Me Crystals
Day Off
California Rebel
Up For Grabs
Out Of Touch
Lucky Blue
Black Cat
Bites The Dust
Rose All Day
Steady Rock
Black Sheep
Bass Line
Size 30x28 30x30 24x32 26x32 29x30 28x28 27x30 25x28 25x30 26x30 32x32 31x32 33x32 29x28 27x32 29x34 27x34 32x28 30x34 30x32 32x30 26x28 24x28 28x30 29x32 34x32 28x34 31x30 31x34 28x32 27x28 33x30 25x32 26x34 24x30
"Levi's® signature 'Lot 700' fits are the ultimate look-amazing jeans, designed to flatter, hold and lift;all day, every day. The 721 High-Rise Skinny Jean is sleek, sexy and retro. Tuck your favorite shirt into the waist-defining fit for flattering style in an instant. 721 High Rise Skinny Jeans - Women's 26x30 - Cast Shadows. Levi's Official Site."