Adhesive Liner & Resusable False Lash Bond Kit - Heidi

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What it does: Lash Bond Liner has changed the application of false lashes FOREVER! A jet black, rich pigment eyeliner that bonds false lashes securely for up to 12 hours! Ultra long-wear, hypoallergenic & cruelty-free! Heidi Lashes give a soft a delicate effect that mimics your real lashes, for a natural look. If you're looking for an everyday lash to add length and subtle volume, this pair is for you!How to use: Pair your lashes with our BRAND NEW Lash Bond Liner for the EASIEST application ever! Simply SHAKE, LINE, PRESS 1. Shake the Lash Bond Liner 2. Line your lash line as you would with any regular eyeliner 3. Press lashes on to the Lash Bond Liner EASY REMOVAL: Gently strip off the lashes from your lash line and wash your eyes with warm water. It's as simple at that! 34mm full length (Please note, these measurements are subject to change based on how you wear and trim your lashes) Imported