Face Brush 5-Piece Set

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Size One Size

Professional quality brushes designed specifically for the flawless application all lip and eye makeup. Comes complete with luxurious black satin purse that is easy to keep clean and holds all brushes with a zip closure. Taklon is a synthetic fibre that is far superior to animal hair in makeup brushes. 1.Animal hair brushes can collect makeup, dead skin cells, and other contaminants which can easily get caught in the cuticles of the animal hair, allowing bacteria to grow and making the brushes unsanitary. Taklon, on the other hand, doesn't have a hair cuticle and has antibacterial properties, making it much healthier for the skin. 2. The cuticles in animal hair can also cause streaking when makeup brushes are used for creams or liquids. Taklon can provide a flawless application of powders, liquids and creams. Perfect for any makeup application without streaking. . Set of 5. For directions, see "Additional Info". Imported Set includes: Lip Brush (16.5cm) Crease Brush (13cm) Eye Liner Brush (13cm) Eye Contour Brush (13cm) Smudge Brush (13.5cm) Taklon