Ready To Party Hand + Foot Renew Duo

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What it is: Get your glow on before the party begins! (Whether that means having a night in or out!) Why you need this revolutionary Active Hand & Foot Renew Treatment Duo: We use hands & stand on feet every single day & sometimes, just like us, they need a well-deserved break + some TLC! The back of hands is very sensitive, as the skin is quite thin & can lose elasticity rapidly resulting in dryness, wrinkles, sagging, age spots & protruding veins. And did you know, the skin on feet can be the toughest & thickest skin on bodies?! Standing all day, or constantly wearing shoes can have a dramatic impact on the skin leaving it hard & flakey! We want you to take care of your skin! To help eliminate signs of dryness & ageing in these areas, we created WORLD-FIRST Hand & Foot Renew Treatments! Formulated with deeply hydrating oils & active ingredients, these masks penetrate deep into your rough spots to soften & repair your skin leaving it silky smooth!How to use: Ensure your hands & feet are washed & dried. If you want to do a full body treatment, we recommend putting on the Foot Renew Treatment Booties first! 1. Open the package, unfold the contents & cut along the top trimming to create an opening. 2. Separate the opening & insert your legs into the booties, followed by your arms into the gloves. Fasten the straps around the masks to ensure each glove & bootie is secure. 3. To get the best results, massage your hands & arms + feet & legs to ensure the serum is distributed evenly. 4. Leave the treatment masks on for at least 15 minutes then remove when desired. HOT TIP: Use the excess serum in the masks for a boost of hydration! 2-piece set 3.5 oz. each Imported