Smooth Nude CC Hydra Makeup Mousse Foundation - Vanilla

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The first super matte mousse foundation that perfects skin problems instantly with a natural Visiblur technology and never settles into pores or lines!A special film-forming barrier protects skin from dehydration and allows foundation to stay true to color all day long.Superb staying power this ultra smooth and hydrating makeup is a new generation of foundation!Triple effect Smooth Nude Technology combines: . Visiblur- HD Colour Correction. Ultra Smoothing Natural Texture. Miracle Oil-Free Hydration Film. Organic Glycerin - Natural Skin Humectant. Organic Silica - Oil Absorbing. Organic Vitamin E - antioxidant. Visiblur - New & Innovative pigment technology reflects and refracts light away from lines and dark areas providing a smoother skin look instantly. Mousse Matte texture that never settles into lines or wrinkles. Once applied the color changes instantly to adapt to your natural skin tone and remains that way all day. An invisible film is formed on release of the pigment between your skin and the foundation, so the foundation color stays true all day long and is unaffected by your skins PH levels. You will see the visible color change slightly as you apply the foundation it will go from looking slightly darker than your natural color to adapt to your natural skin color and then form the skin protecting barrier.. Size: 1.41 oz.. Shade: Vanilla (light). For directions and ingredients, see "Additional Info" . Imported