Oliver Goldsmith
The 1970s Smoke & Armani Gold Silver

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The era of disco, dancing and music " the Seventies was a time of indulgence and extravagance and these sunglasses are iconic of the period. Made from a super lightweight stainless steel, the frames are oversized, confident and total classics. Featuring high-grade 2 base super flat high gloss sun lenses, youll feel like you stepped straight out of Woodstock. While your sunglasses have been designed and manufactured under the highest quality standards in the industry, it is important that they are properly cared for. If you follow these simple guidelines, your sunglasses should provide you with many years of enjoyment. 1.Clean your lenses regularly with a clean cotton cloth using mild soap and water. a.Place lenses under warm running water to remove particles of dirt and dust. b.Dry gently with a clean cotton cloth. c.Do not use dirty or abrasive cloths which could alter the feature of their filters 2.Never loosen or remove any of the screws. 3.Avoid extreme conditions of heat and cold, like the dashboard of your car. 4.Keep your sunglasses in their protective case when they are not being worn. 5.Never lay the lenses face down on a hard surface.