Classic Personal Microderm Device


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What it is: An original microderm device to help you get the benefits of an in-office dermatologist appointment from the comfort of your home.What it does: This microderm device provides chemical-free exfoliation that's 800% deeper than a scrub, taking away hyperpigmentation, scars and reducing acne. Because of the vacuum technology, the body heals beneath the surface, promoting cell turnover while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.Research results:In clinical trials with an average of 11 volunteers ages 31-62:- 85% experienced greater skin elasticity.- 95% had visibly brighter skin after use.- 90% achieved more radiant skin with regular use.- 80% observed greater smoothness in their complexion.- 95% experienced an increase in skin hydration.System includes:- Classic Personal Microderm Device- 2 Green Discs- 2 Lavender Discs- 2 Blue DiscsHow to use: Simply grab and glide the device over clean, dry skin. The different discs represent different intensities. The discs range from sensitive for the face to intense enough for the calluses of your feet. Style Name:Pmd Classic Personal Microderm Device. Style Number: 5634571.