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  • Thumbnail for your product : Revlon One-Step Blowout Curls

From the award-winning one-step family, the Revlon One-Step Blowout Curls combines a curling iron and a hair dryer to curl your hair as it dries. Create shiny, bouncy curls more often with less damage than a traditional curling iron. Heated air flows through vents in the barrel, gently drying and curling in one step. Less damage, more curls. HOW TO USE • For faster results, towel- or air-dry hair until it’s just damp, then run a comb through to detangle. • Plug the One-Step Blowout Curls into an electrical outlet and turn the temperature dial to LOW. Gradually increase to a comfortable temperature. • Using the concentrator attachment, begin blow-drying the roots. • Continue until the roots are dry. • Remove concentrator and attach curling barrel. • Separate and clip hair into manageable sections. • Holding the wand vertically, clamp a 1-inch section at the ends and roll toward your crown. For best results, spread hair across barrel to avoid overlap. • Continue holding wand vertically until hair feels dry. (If more drying is needed, repeat with same section.) • Lightly press the clamp to release hair and pull wand downward to unroll curl. • Repeat until hair has been dried into bouncy spiral curls. • Styling tip: While hair is still clamped, twist the temperature dial to COOL and hold for 10–15 seconds.


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