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Formulated to provide a salon-quality manicure at home, this non-toxic nail polish from Sundays comes in a range of timeless colors with the perfect bottle shape for grip and a professional-grade flat brush for precise applications. * Opaque gloss finish * Long-lasting * Comfortable grip for clean application * 10-free*, non-toxic formula, vegan, cruelty-free * Long-lasting, professional grade * Bottle shape and brush is optimized for precise and quick application * Made in New York **How To Use:** 1. Thoroughly clean nails and cuticles 2. Gently roll each polish bottle between your hands before application 3. Start off with a base coat, then two coats of polish, and finally a top coat to seal in the color beneath 4. Allow each coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next Sundays Nail Polish at Free People in Light Sand


"Keeps my “likes” organized and helps me save money."

- Laura.K | St.Louis, MO -


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