The Face Anti-Age Tan Drops Light/Medium



Embrace a bronzed, youthful complexion with the innovative, self-tanning Tan Luxe The Face Anti-Age Tan Drops. It has never been easier to maintain a youthful, luminous glow than with these innovative drops by Tan Luxe. Simply add one to four droplets to your usual moisturiser, face oil or serum and apply to your face for a glowing, bronzed complexion. This clever product provides skin with youthfulness, softness and a healthy looking, even radiance, thanks to its specially formulated blend of active natural ingredients and technology. The inclusion of ground-breaking tri-collagen boosting technology restores dull, tired skin. Glycopeptides, raspberry seed oil, aloe vera and vitamin E pack a punch and add to your existing skincare regime, working to protect, hydrate and illuminate your complexion. Key Benefits Anti-ageing treatment with self-tanner Gives a glowing, youthful complexion Restores dull, tired skin Easy to work into existing skincare regime Tri-collagen booster SKU# UK200017366