TANE MEXICO Turtle Pendant

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The Turtle Pendant from the Animals Collection by TANE is made in silver .925. Suspended from a 3.14 ̈ long chain is an irregular link designed for the collection, inspired by nature. Around the link swim two turtles, which playfully decorate the piece with the geometry of their shells recreated with great skill. Handmade in Mexico. Through rigorous selection of the finest materials, as well as through hand-crafting all of our pieces in-house at our proprietary workshops in Mexico, TANE aims to ensure that this piece meets the utmost criteria for elegance, beauty and quality for which TANE has been renowned since its founding in 1942. Precious metals and natural stones are highly resistant materials, and with some simple care, you’ll be able to preserve and protect your jewelry for many years to come. The more you wear your TANE jewelry, the less maintenance is required. This may seem paradoxical; however, regular use slows the natural tarnishing process inherit of both gold and silver metals. Your jewelry will gain a unique patina over time and will become the signature of your shared memories. Our recommendations for the care of your piece include: -In general, you should avoid exposing your jewelry to humidity, moisture, intense heat and any other extreme environments. -You can maintain its original beauty and reduce the potential for damage by removing your jewelry prior to exercising, washing your hands, swimming or engaging in any other physical activities. -Forcible contact with any type of surface area could cause damage of varying degrees. Therefore, beware of shocks, as they may cause unwanted marks and scratches. Wearing or storing jewelry in close contact with each other may result in the same. -In order to preserve your jewelry piece when not worn, store it inside the original box and/or pouch that was offered to you upon purchase, after cleaning it with a soft cloth. -It is preferable to store your item(s) in a dry place, removed from any direct heat source. -We advise you to avoid contact with water or any other liquid, as well as any product containing alcohol (perfume, solvents etc), grease (make up products etc) and abrasive products in general