Attar Saiph Eau de Parfum

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The creation contained in this attar was born from a journey of exploration, which the mind accomplishes through memories that come together in the childish dream of a fairy country. The chiaroscuro of memory becomes, with this nectar, an explosion of colors on the screen of imagination, access to the glare of the dream. A scent that you do not expect, and which surprises you from the first moment. A poetry nectar ready to kidnap you, to make you fly on the wings of the Ippogrifo among rainbows of wonder that only creativity can render. A citrus bouquet lying on a bed of rose petals, supported by the effervescence of oxygen. Sweet and deep counterpoints of lovable fruit are chasing each other, expertly held up by precious woods and by the warm embrace of vanilla, amber and musk. TOP NOTES Lemon Bergamot Rose Oxygen HEART NOTES Floral notes Green notes Cedar Orris Passion fruit BASE NOTES Patchouli Vanilla Musk Vetiver Amber. Style Code: 0400012257305