Laudano Nero Extrait de Parfum

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A creation that can be worn and mostly understood, only by those who really have a spirit free from all conditioning, from every stylistic conformity. Its uniqueness is perceived from the outset, with an unusual explosion of camphor that stuns like a glass of absinthe drunk in a moment, a strong counterpoint to the swell of laudanum and cognac, grafted onto the strength of precious woods, led to the absolute by unobtainable resins, reflected in turn in the smell of slate and laurel, all emphasized by the fire of the wet road. 3.38 oz. Made in Italy. TOP NOTES Wormwood Cognac Rosemary Tobacco Myrtle Amber HEART NOTES Bare red rose Black locust honey Cedar Iris Sandalwood Rosemary Ash Slate BASE NOTES Cashmere musk Laurels Incense Camphor Agarwood (oud) Vetiver Musk Oak Vanilla Labdanum. Fragrances - Park Fragrance > Tiziana Terenzi > Saks Fifth Avenue > Barneys. Tiziana Terenzi.