Beth Weintraub - Vela Etched Metal Plate

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Beth Weintraub Details Beth Weintraub - Vela Etched Metal Plate. The set of printmaking techniques Beth Weintraub uses are called 'Intaglio', which includes etching, engraving, and aquatint. Etching uses acid to 'etch' images onto metal. In this technique an artist begins with a fresh, smooth plate, which is then protected in areas using a ground or "stop out". The ground is applied with a brush or a roller and then immersed in acid. This is called Aquatint. The areas that are exposed to the acid are bitten away, creating porous areas and deep lines. Ink is then worked into the etched areas in order to print from the plate. The mounted plates are then cleaned and polished with wax to give a protective, satin finish. The Etched Metals are sleek, smooth and warm with two-toned etched patina. The metal plates - her signature medium - are all original, hand painted works. No photography or digital devices are used. Rejecting the idea that printmaking is only for repetitious editions of identical paper images, Weintraub takes extra time to print varied color combinations; no two are alike. Modular wall pieces come finished and ready to hang, right out of the box. Everything is professionally built and finished. Each piece is signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity secured to the back of the frame. Sealed against moisture and ultraviolet light, these artworks are investments that will be enjoyed for many years. Specs Who: Designed and Manufactured by Beth Weintraub . Materials: Metal, wood, acid etched, wax polish finish. Plates may be cleaned with a duster or damp cloth, and dried thoroughly. Carnauba wax can be used to polish as needed. Specs: 20 x 20 x 2.25 (inches) Weight: Features: UL Listed Lamp Type: -- -