Arktura - Loop Coffee Table

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Aviator Grey
Arktura Details Arktura - Loop Coffee Table. Sharp yet curving and smooth, Loop is a marriage of technology with seamless form. Featuring thin slices of steel, in series, the table loops into a suggestive arrangement which changes intensity as the viewing angle shifts. All of Arktura's materials are purchased from local suppliers around the Los Angeles, US area. Many of these materials contain high recycled content, and all scraps from metal products are saved and recycled. High quality zero VOC finishes are used, which release no toxins into the environment during application or in situ. Additionally, Arktura is committed to energy sustainability through solar and wind power. Due to the salt air elements of coastal conditions, this material is not recommended for outdoor conditions near or within 3-5 miles of the coast. Specs Who: Designed by Chris Kabatsi and manufactured by Arktura . Materials: Powder Coated Steel, Glass Top. Specs: 57L x 21W x 16H (inches) Weight: Features: UL Listed Lamp Type: -- -