Aromatherapy Associates
Renew Rose & Sandalwood Facial Oil

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Size 15ml
Aromatherapy Associates Renew Rose and Sandalwood Facial Oil not only leaves your skin in great condition, but it comes in beautiful packaging, making it a brilliant gift for any woman, including yourself. Aromatherapy Associates' signature blend of beautiful aromas will not only nourish your skin but also lift your mood.Renew Rose and Sandalwood Facial Oil nourishes dry, dehydrated skin with vital nutrients while providing beautifully-blended nutrients that protect delicate and fine skin from over exposure to the elements. Evening primrose oil replenishes essential fatty acids, whilst Rose repairs the skin, supporting capillary circulation to promote soft and smooth skin. Aromatic sandalwood works to lock in moisture and as an antiseptic against spots and blackheads leaving your skin clear smooth and hydrated