5 Second
No Clog Nail Glue

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#1 maker of nail glue With Jojoba Oil for Moisturizing Super strong, all purpose nail glue. No clogs. No leaks. No worries! Made in USA Read instructions before starting & protect working surface from spills. For Best Results: Always start with clean, dry, polish-free nails. For nail tips & full cover nails: Apply a thin, even coat of glue to overlap of tip or natural nail. Gently press tip or nail onto your own nail. Hold 5-10 seconds. Repair: Apply a single drop directly on split, broken, or soft nail. Apply slight pressure to hold nail in position. Hold 5-10 seconds. Let it set for 45 seconds or more. Gently file or buff until smooth. Removal: Use 5 Second Glue & Nail Remover or acetone polish remover. Do not break or peel off nails as this may damage your own nails. American International Industries
  • Contains jojoba oil for moisturizing
  • Assures no leaks
  • With no clogs or worries