Kaeru set of two mocha cups with saucers

The goal of the “Tea & Coffee Towers” project we presented in 2003 was to have 22 international architects, approaching industrial design for the very first time, to design a tea and coffee set. Produced in a limited edition of 99 items and made mainly of silver, these sets opened up a brand-new expressive dimension for the household scene of the third millennium. From the very beginning, however, the particularly steep production costs involved made them objects strictly for museums or wealthy collectors around the world. I regretted that none of this enormous design effort was available for our regular customers, and this is why I asked the artists who created the “Tea & Coffee Towers” to design a “simple” porcelain mocha cup. I wanted a cup that would concentrate the design spirit that inspired their tea and coffee set and that could offer our clientele the intellectual stimulation, surprise and aesthetic delight of the original designs. In our upcoming new product range, the other artists will join the four artists we are presenting here. Diameter (inches): 1¾′′ Height (inches): 2¾′′ Content (quarts): 2 ¾ oz