Copper Core 3-Quart Casserole

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Size 3-quart
Limited edition casserole with brilliant mirror finish and heat-conductive Copper-Core to commemorate All-Clad's 40th anniversary. The ultimate in cookware, this All-Clad premier anniversary casserole features the patented Copper-Core five-ply bonded design with thick copper center core to maximize heat conductivity. The copper ply is bonded to aluminum to enhance heat distribution while reducing weight. Bonded exterior and interior layers are highest-quality stainless-steel, providing the ideal cooking surface, ease of cleaning, extreme durability and aesthetic appeal. This casserole features the exacting detail that has made All-Clad the premier cookware in professional kitchens. Extra-wide diameter maximizes browning for more flavorful braises, roasts and casseroles. Anniversary insignia knob identifies this gleaming limited edition cookware. All-Clad's leading cookware line is brilliantly styled with a hand-polished gleaming stainless-steel finish that many of the world's professional and home chefs prefer. The 1810 stainless-steel interior will not react with food, leaving the pure taste you desire. Magnetic exterior is perfect for induction cooktops. Made in the USA. Product Features
  • Limited edition Copper-Core casserole commemorates All-Clad's 40th anniversary
  • Five bonded layers of stainless-steel, aluminum and copper allow pieces to heat quickly and evenly so you can rely on consistent performance
  • Pure aluminum and thick copper inner core throughout for optimal heat conductivity
  • Easy-to-clean 1810 stainless-steel cooking surface helps prevent foods from sticking
  • Stainless-steel interior will not react with foods
  • Accented with an exterior stripe of copper
  • Cookware maintains even heat distribution that prevents "hot spots" when cooking
  • Signature stay-cool handles are cast from solid stainless-steel and designed for ergonomic comfort
  • Handles and rivets are polished stainless-steel creating a striking impression
  • High-strength, noncorrosive stainless-steel rivets keep handles permanently secure, making cooking safer
  • Bonded cookware handcrafted in the USA